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Sealed System

Ventilated System

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The Sealed System

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In Soil retaining situations such as basements and vaults etc. The DELTA sealed system is recommended. The membrane selection depends on the required finish and flow rate if applicable. All membrane junctions, fixing points, service entries and other protrusions are sealed with the DELTA Seal range of sealing products. Where active ground water is evident or expected drainage of one form or another should be incorporated into the specification. Our Technical staff are available to give advice in this respect.

The Ventilated System

In above ground situations or in areas where no free running water is expected, for example where external pavements have been built up the ventilated system can be used. The ventilated system with air gap at top and bottom does not require sealed joints or fixings, a 100mm overlap is sufficient in this situation. This

method is seen as a sympathetic solution in Heritage type properties as a general damp proofing system. The fabric of the building remains unchanged but the new internal surfaces are 'dry' and are salt and contamination free. Both dry lining or plaster direct finishes are available on the ventilated system.


As well as being a complete waterproofing and damp proofing system DELTA system is also used to upgrade damp and defective floors. With excellent crush resistance the system lends itself to a variety of different finishes which include conventional screeds, thin layer fast drying screeds and wood based floating floors. Insulation can also be used in conjunction with the system where required. The system can be linked to the D.P.C. constructed within a new wall or to an existing or chemical D.P.C.


As the membrane systems are mechanically fixed there is no

reliance on the ability of the product to bond to the substrate. The DELTA system can be applied

to a variety of different substrates for example over existing renders or broken down bitumen coatings, etc. This can be easily achieved without detriment to the integrity of the system.

Damp Pressure Equalisation

The studded structure of the membrane allows the dampness behind the membrane to move in all directions unhindered, therefore the whole of the wall or floor surface takes the damp loading. Break down created by weak points are eliminated. The product does not divert the problem to other areas.


In structures where movement or vibration can be a problem, examples being under street vaults, railway arches, and buildings constructed with movement joints,

the DELTA system can cope. The DELTA membrane has an elongation break of greater than 50%.


As there is little or no preparation required the system is by comparison quick to install. When dry finishes are used the system is a 'fast track' solution. Decoration does not need to be delayed as there is no drying process. DELTA Membrane Systems are the U.K. arm of the world's largest producer of studded membrane systems. The market leading DELTA brand has a track record approaching three decades. The DELTA systems have been used successfully in many situations in the U.K. From small domestic basements up to major

waterproofing of London Underground stations there is rarely a dampness or water ingress problem that falls outside the scope of the capabilities of the DELTA system.

What are DELTA Systems

With the introduction of the latest British Standard 8102 (1990) 'for Protection of structures against water

from the ground', the use of cavity membranes has been generally accepted in the U.K. DELTA Systems are a complete range of products which are used together to solve many of today's problems in both new and old construction. DELTA Systems can easily deal with aggressive ground water conditions, where basements are liable to flooding, or indeed where simple dampness, contamination or salting problems are prevalent. Other more diverse applications include Turf covered roofs, barn conversions, tunnel linings or even as a barrier against radon gas.

The main components of the system are the membranes themselves. These are manufactured from virgin high density polyethylene which is thermally and alkaline stabilised. The stud heights vary from 3mm for DELTA-FM, 8mm for DELTA MS 500 & DELTA PT to 20mm for DELTA MS 20. The cavity created by the membrane contains between 2.1 and 10 Litres of space respectively. This is known as either the 'Air gap' or the 'Drained Cavity', in wet situations.

The Membranes

DELTA-MS 500 This is used for walls and floors, and is supplied in 2.4, & 2m x 20m rolls. This membrane can be used for light water ingress situations, and is available in brown, yellow (DELTA-FM), and clear. The 500 clear aids the selection of good fixing points in the more difficult application i.e. Random stone and friable brickwork. The sealed DELTA fixing is used to secure System 500, the centre shank of this fixing is also used for subsequent dry lining applications.

DELTA PT LATH This membrane has a mesh incorporated on the internal face which is attached by a thermic welding process at the time of manufacture. The sealed PT fixing plug is used to secure the

membrane at 250mm horizontal and vertical centres. The welded mesh and fixing plugs allow for direct render 1.1.6. (cement/lime/sand), or plasters: Tilcon Whitewall, Carlite Bonding, or dab fixed plasterboard for internal applications. When this grade is used for external above ground protection DELTA renders can be used as a finish. These renders are polymer modified and also have reinforcing fibres incorporated for added strength and durability. This grade is available in clear 2.0m x 20m (40m 2) or 1.5m x 10m (15m 2).

DELTA MS 20 This is a heavy gauge version of System 500 with deep 20mm studs. This is used where extra drainage capacity is required, for example on deeper structures, or where a larger flow rate is required. MS 20 can also be used as a 'cavity former' for many types of new construction. The rolls are a full 2 metre width by 20 meters in length (40m 2).

External Protection


Structures that are earth retaining can be damaged by moisture penetration from the outside or by water under hydrostatic pressure. DELTA Membranes are available as geocomposites to deal with such problems. They act as a waterproof

drainage layer, and quickly remove the water to suitable drainage around the structure. They prevent the build-up of hydrostatic pressure on the structure and filter the water via an integral polypropylene filter layer. This prevents the fine ground particles from blocking the drainage facility and avoids destabilising the soil.


DELTA membrane systems come with a thirty year guarantee. The guarantee covers the membrane and all other system components. Based on experience, accelerated ageing tests and a quality manufacturing system to ISO 9001, the DELTA range can also be guaranteed with confidence.

Technical site and/or office visits

Staff are available to visit site to give advice on particularly difficult or in unusual situations, where appropriate specifications are prepared to assist in the correct use of the system. We believe our technical staff to be second to none and certainly the most experienced in the U.K. Market. This service is open to

Property owners, Architects, Surveyors and specialist companies.

Who Installs DELTA Systems

Although DELTA systems are by comparison, easy to install, it must be recognised that correct diagnosis of the problem is essential so that DELTA systems can be designed and tailored to the needs of the building, to give the best possible performance.

It is therefore recommended that only competent specialist contractors, who understand dampness, and the associated problems, be employed to survey the site, install the system and thereby ensure the best possible performance of the system. DELTA systems are installed by a nationwide network of specialist contractors who are holders of 'Registered Installers' Certificates.

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