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Basement Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproofing products are designed to “prevent” water penetration even under wet conditions such as hydrostatic pressure in the soil after heavy rain storms or spring thaws. DELTA's products provide superior waterproofing protection and allows the product to remain flexible even when it dries. This flexibility allows the waterproofing membrane to stretch as the foundation settles and bridge small hairline settlement cracks that can occur in the concrete or block.

Most basements start leaking water within 10 to 15 years. Efflorescence which is a white powder or a musty odor is the first sign of moisture problems, then trapped water vapour seeps through the concrete, causing molds and musty odors. Damp basement air spreads molds and radon throughout the house which can cause illness such as Bronchitis.For a better basement conversion seal your concrete and repair concrete cracks before problems develop and definitely, before covering or painting the concrete.

Here at DELTA we help preserve the concrete, seal it against water and vapour to protect your basement, prevent the growth of molds, and reduce radon to a minimum

Waterproofing is very different from damp proofing. Waterproofing compounds are designed to stop water infiltration. These compounds or membranes can be extremely effective when applied on the exterior of a foundation system. waterproofing products are offered in a wide variety to homeowners but are all different in their composition from being urethane based, others are modified asphalts, some are clay based and some are rubber polymers. Most of these have the ability to bridge cracks that might later develop in a foundation. This is extremely important., After being properly installed these waterproofing compounds can keep a basement dry for many years and can prove to be invaluable when selling your property.

Foundation waterproofing is probably one of the most confusing aspects of residential construction. Thousands of homeowners believe that they have a waterproofed foundation, when in fact they do not. To stay competitive, some builders will cut corners in these areas as the homeowner cannot easily see the finished product due to the fact that it is generally covered early in the job by the dirt around the foundation.

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